Why should I choose a boutique law firm to represent me?


Although there certainly are some larger firms that represent employees, a substantial number of employee lawyers in California tend to work as either sole practitioners or in very small law firms.  That is very good news for California employees! The typical large law firm business model involves younger, inexperienced lawyers performing a substantial amount of the firm's legal work under the supervision of a more experienced lawyer. This situation can lead to less than satisfactory results, since there are times when the supervising attorney exercises a less than ideal amount of control over the work product of the inexperienced lawyer.  By contrast, in a small firm or sole practitioner environment, the senior lawyer usually does all, or most of the work on the firm's cases, instead of spending time supervising younger lawyers.

The Johnston Law Firm is a small law firm, and has been successfully operating as a boutique law firm for decades.   No attorney malpractice claim has ever brought against Mr. Johnston or the Johnston Law Firm.