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Attorney James (J.J.) Johnston

Mr. Johnston has been an attorney since 1986. After practicing law for several years in Northern California, he started his current law practice in Southern California in 1989.  Since that time, he has handled cases in many Southern California counties.  Well known among members of the local bar, attorney Johnston has has extensive jury trial experience, and is fully qualified to handle your employment law claim.  Mr. Johnston is licensed to practice in all state courts, local federal courts, and the United States Supreme Court.  He also is an active member of the California Employment Lawyers Association, the National Employment Lawyers Association, and other legal organizations.  Mr. Johnston's experience and abilities also have been recognized by many courts. He currently is an Attorney Settlement Officer for both the United States District Court in Los Angeles, and the California Court of Appeals, Fourth District where he mediates a wide range of employment law disputes.

Success Against Large, Corporate

In his employment practice, attorney Johnston has successfully taken on Fortune 500 companies and large multi-national corporations. Over the years, his trial verdicts and case settlements have resulted in millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.

Why Choose a Boutique Law Firm?

Although there certainly are some larger firms that represent employees, a substantial number of employee lawyers in California tend to work as either sole practitioners or in very small law firms. That is good news for California employees! The typical large law firm business model involves younger, inexperienced lawyers performing a substantial amount of the firm's legal work under the supervision of a more experienced lawyer. This situation can lead to less than satisfactory results, since there are times when the supervising attorney exercises a less than ideal amount of control over the work product of the inexperienced lawyer. By contrast, in a small firm or sole practitioner environment, the senior lawyer usually does all, or most of the work on the firm's cases, instead of spending time supervising younger lawyers.  The Johnston Law Firm is a small law firm, and has been successfully operating that way for nearly 20 years.  No attorney malpractice claim has ever brought against Mr. Johnston or the Johnston Law Firm.  

Technology Edge: Although many years ago it might have been more difficult for a small firm lawyer to go up against a larger law firm, that certainly is not the case now. Computer technology not only has leveled the playing field but, in many instances, has given the edge to the small-firm lawyer. That is because it is easier for a small firm to adopt new technology than a larger firm that has invested substantial firm resources in outdated technology.

Directions to Our Office

Our office address is 355 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2450, Los Angeles, California, 90071.  Click here to be taken to a map showing our office location. 

515 S. Flower Street, 36th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90071
(213) 291-6977

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